News of dad’s health

Just talked to mom (I had e-mailed her to ask for a good time to call so I wouldn’t disturb dad). She says he start chemo last week, with the same regimen as in 2005: one “big” treatment on week 1, one smaller dose on week 2, rest on week 3, repeat. Since his cough decreased and other medication is added to his drip such as codeine and anti-inflammatories, he’s been sleeping much better.

I once again congratulated them on being in Quebec, not in the U.S.; she was horrified when she went to the pharmacy for everything he needs and had a bill of almost $100 — “one of the medications alone was $30!” I couldn’t help but give a sort of sick snicker. “But some people don’t have a hundred bucks!” she protested. “I KNOW!” I said.

I’ll get the soapbox — I need to make a speech about how the fucking richest country in the world can’t get fucking health coverage, not even for children.

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