Icky, icky, icky…

…That’s both the sound I think the little wheels in my head are making, and how I feel.

I caught a cold — apparently from fellow gamers and it started really hitting me last Saturday. I went to bed and more or less stayed there until Monday night, when I felt much better and my chest was no longer congested. Tuesday I felt well enough to go to work… so by the end of the day I realized what a mistake that had been. Wednesday morning I was all choked up again. I stayed home again on Wednesday and Thursday, but decided to go to the office today. I’ve been feeling wobbly, vaguely queasy but hey, I can’t spend my life in bed. Besides, it looks like Edmund caught the bug and he needs the bed to collapse in now. 😦

Semi-interestingly, this two-peak pattern to the illness also hit the other people who caught it. Hit one low point, rebound, then go down again to a second low. Joy.

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