Part the first: health / Santé

After passing the peak of last week’s nasty cold, I’m now dealing with problems in my right knee (the same one I sprained in August). I don’t exactly know what I did to it, probably it was when I was climbing up and down stairs, but it started hurting again on Friday. It really flared up yesterday morning, so my doctor sent me to get it x-rayed; results were negative. Now I go get an MRI next week; given the ludicrous American health (or lack thereof) system, I shudder to think what the deductible will look like. My insurance pays only 80% — and it’s good insurance.

Je me suis re-deglingué le genou droit vendredi dernier, et hier matin il s’est mis à vraiment me déranger. La radiographie d’hier après-midi ne montre aucun problème; mon docteur m’envoie passer une TRM (tomographie à résonance magnétique) la semaine prochaine. J’ai vachement pas hâte de voir les coûts, puisque mon assurance ne couvre que 80% des frais.

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