Part the second: Emerald City Gamefest

Emerald City Gamefest is really starting to come together. Lots of things this week and especially today:

  • The Dreaming donated over $500 in prizes!
  • Some wrinkles with a former member were ironed out when he agreed to close his Cafepress store in the group’s name.
  • “Gamer celeb” (his ironic term) (Wolfgang Baur) agreed to run a demo game for us.
  • Dragonflight agreed to lend us the additional tables we needed, thanks largely to support from Chuck Monson. Yay, Chuck!
  • We heard back from key people at Heroscapers and Third Place Commons and they will try to make it to this weekend’s meeting.
  • Ian at Fantastic Games seems to have lined up people to fill all our other tables with games (we’re waiting for confirmation details so we can put them on the schedule.)
  • I managed to get some Website annoyances fixed, though some remain.

It’s going to be a shorter event than last year, but it should be a good one.

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