I can live again!

Stupid PE exam apparently went well on Friday (I won’t know for sure for three months). Looong tedious day, though. I got home wanting to go game immediately, but had to settle for reading the frivolous books (novels, comics, game books) that had been stacking for a while, and having Kahlua coffee. Saturday we went to The Dreaming to get our comic books and then to our friends Ed and Linda’s annual pumpkin carving party, always a lot of fun. Sunday we started with an Emerald City Gamefest meeting (less that three weeks to ECG!) and in the evening we had Edmund’s Legends of the Five Rings game.

Tonight it’s sushi night and then another episode of Roanoke, Thursday it’s an episode of our Corvis: Iron Kingdoms/True20 game; Saturday we have Peter and Cindy’s post-Halloween game, Sunday another L5R episode, and some time that weekend another ECG meeting! Yes, I needed to get my life back!

ECG is unfolding well. Although we still have a few “people” issues, the event itself looks like it will work well and be fun. We have a good mix of different types of games (board, card, miniatures, and role-playing), some nice showy events, a couple of local authors, sponsor support, and good cooperation between local gamer organizations. And people are also enthusiastic about the next event, ConQuest NW in February; the “Four Days of Freeport” project is taking shape and the energy level is gratifying.

Now I have a lot of things to do: posters, fliers, t-shirt art, a program book for ECG; and I need to review ‘s draft game and Laura’s novel manuscript!

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