A good day overall!

I’m feeling cheerful on three fronts:

(1) Emerald City Gamefest is coming along nicely;

(2) I won first prize for my review of Unknown Armies as part of RPGnet’s Horror Week;

(3) I may not need knee surgery — I’m at least starting with physical therapy.

Emerald City Gamefest is really coming along nicely. We have filled all our tables, we are still missing some specific details for a game or two. We have already secured about $900 in prizes “in hand” and are expecting a few hundred dollars more or additional prizes from a few companies. I have the draft program in good shape, and we will print and assemble the registration packages this weekend.

My UA review won first even though I felt it was a little rushed. In truth, I finished it when I should have been studying! It was very difficult to choose a prize from the list; I was interested in several. I feel fortunate that I can manage to try so many games, which gives me a chance to write actual play reviews. The downsize is that it takes a lot of time to do a good job, so the reviews trickle out. I’m backlogged on a couple right now. But knowing people actually like reading them makes it easier!

Finally, I do have a torn meniscus but the specialist I saw this morning wants me to do 4-8 weeks of physical therapy to see how things improve. I’m all for it! I start on Thursday. It was odd visiting the Sports Medicine Clinic. There’s clearly lots more money there than in family medicine. The walls were decorated with autographed sports jerseys from various celebrities; I had trouble stifling a fit of giggles because I wanted to offer an autographed gaming convention shirt. All the conversations I overheard were jock conversations — while I surreptitiously took notes for an RPG adventure. ^_^

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