Catching up a bit

Readings: Finished Scott Lynch’s The Lies of Locke Lamora, and liked it a lot overall (Edmund liked it a bit less). I loved the rhythm, even though I felt Locke was not nearly as smart as he thought he was. Currently reading Steven Brust’s Dzur, which is enjoyable enough so far but does not have very good rhythm (as a contrast); it feels like there was 150 pages of material but it’s being stretched to 250. On my soon-to-be-read list I added Frank Beddor’s Looking Glass Wars, Chris Roberson’s Paragaea and something or other from Greg Egan.

Games played recently: Scion (unimpressed), Castle Falkenstein — CSI: Freeport (had a good time). Playtesting a couple of games in their beta phase soon, will report as soon as I can. Bought Urchin last weekend and received my print copy of Don’t Rest Your Head yesterday, but didn’t have time to read either.

Conventions: Emerald City Gamefest going live tomorrow; ConQuest NW and Four Days of Freeport are getting closer; Go Play NW seems lethargic; I’m Event Coordinator and Publication Manager for Dragonflight 2008.

Health: I’ve been doing physical therapy for 10 days; Edmund is nice enough to do the PT exercises along with me; but he then pulled some back muscles (we’re not sure if it’s related) and was kind of impaired for a couple of days.

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