Good show!

Saturday was a busy, tiring day but Emerald City Gamefest was a very satisfying one. We had everything running smoothly, everyone worked hard and smartly, and people had fun. We had only one GM no-show, which was easily replaced. People had fun, we respected the constraints of space and schedule placed on us by the site owners, and we rolled with it when they pulled new changes on us at the very last minute. Our local “gamer celebs” the_monkey_kingWolfgang Baur and eriksdbErik Scott de Bie ran games with full tables, the Flames of War game organized by John Kennedy and Jerry of The Panzer Depot was a big hit, and my game of vs. Outlaws led to funny results I’ll have to recount separately. I think the day was a full success.

On Sunday I would have liked to loaf, but I spent most of my time reading a couple of games in their beta version and gathering my comments (and finishing neither). We did have our Legends of the Five Rings game in the evening, which was fun. The team is finally coming together pretty well there. Tonight we have a new episode of The Playful Watch, our Zorcerer of Zo series, yay! Tomorrow, we’re back on the chain gang with a conference call to plan for the upcoming ConQuest NW, Thursday we have dinner with a bunch of friends to celebrate the American Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving was several weeks ago), and Friday I’m telecommuting since only two of us in the office plan on working that day.

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