Thanksgiving and everything else

Thanksgiving was quite nice; like last year, we were invited at our friend Ed & Linda’s Thanksgiving dinner with several other friends. We brought Nanaimo bars (me), and fresh-baked bread and a vegan casserole (Edmund) (on account of the one vegan guest). The vegan casserole was disappointingly bland, but Edmund’s bread was super-good. And Nanaimo bars, are, well, reprehensibly good.

The weather here in Seattle was perfect for the last several days (back toward the normal today though). Friday I was working, but from home, so that was all right. I worked a few hours Saturday and Sunday too. Saturday night we went out for Indian food with a bunch of friends at Zaika; one of them is half-Indian and declared the place to be the best Indian restaurant in Seattle (well, technically it’s in Shoreline, but who’s counting…)

Then most of us went to catch the late showing of 3:10 to Yuma at The Crest, and we thought it was a good movie. I liked the cinematography, the acting, and the dialogue. It was good, tight scripting through most of the movie; and the music was pretty good and not distracting in the wrong spots, as sometimes happen. Very enjoyable and well worth seeing — especially at The Crest, where all showings are only $3! Also, being stuffed full of pulao and curry, we didn’t need to buy popcorn. ^_^

On Sunday, I drafted a new illustration to promote the Emerald City Gamefest/ConQuest NW tie-in, with our monkey mascot wearing the ConQuest Roman helmet. I was pleased with it and will post it when the rest of the committee has had a chance to comment on it. But I didn’t finish the other illo I was working on, the picture for the Indie Tour 2008 t-shirt. I’m trying to post it by the end of the week.

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