Tossed salad

We had an interesting playtest game on Saturday. As played, the game was very broken. However, there are a few rules which I didn’t understand the same way as the GM; since I’m running the next game, I can try it “my” way. Still, I gave the author a lot of feedback because I think some of the significant problems are inherent. The really nifty thing, though was that was feeling well and was there. Yay!!! We had dinner at la Casa del Mojito at their new second location in the U District, and everyone enjoyed the food and company.

On Sunday, we had the monthly club luncheon; we met at the inexplicable, inescapable, inimitable Archie McPhee store, then had brunch at Vera’s Cafe in Ballard. On Monday night, the Christmas game collapsed because three people were sick and three were dealing with out-of-town visitors. We had dinner with an extremely nice friend and discovered that she is being ill-used by her employer. What’s going is terribly unfair and it makes my blood boil. I want to help, but there doesn’t seem to be a way. 😦

finally got his own LJ page and has become fascinated with LJ options and tools. He’s also been cooking goodies lately, like Kaluha coffee cakes and fruit cobblers, yum!

Yesterday, we had a company outing. We’re losing an employee, a very nice young woman I’m going to miss very much and who is leaving for a new job; for her going-away party, we went to the Seattle Aquarium, which I had not visited since the projects I worked on over there were completed. It was fun!

And finally, for a bit of welcome lagniappe this morning: one of our office colour printers has been on the fritz lately and the repairman was in; after changing some parts, he asked that we put through a BIG job, several hundred pages duplexed. We didn’t have any deliverables due, no one needed any large texts printed so we were about to print “junk” pages, when I suddenly remembered I had a bunch of game PDFs on my flash drive, downloaded from RPGNow’s “Thanksgiveaway Week”; so I printed a stack of RPGs. Colour, duplexed, no cost, and no guilt! ^_^

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