Christmas Eve / Veille de Noël

On Friday night we got together with , , Lisa, and new player Scott to make Scion characters for new game. I waited 75 minutes for the bus; even in the forgiving Seattle temperatures, I was cold and unhappy by the time I got on board (switching to the 14, since the 49 never showed up!) but the bus driver was so very nice it was almost worth it. He was cheerful, courteous, friendly, handled the crazy pre-Christmas rush hour traffic calmly, announced every stop very clearly, and played vintage big band jazz Christmas music for us. He cheered me up.

Saturday, we got wrapping/decorating supplies, did the grocery shopping, has a nice lunch at La Casa del Mojito, stopped by The Dreaming to get our weekly comic books, then headed home. I assembled our Christmas cards (yes, that late — we finally got the photos back to make the cards with) and addressed them, etc., while cooked massive quantities of pear compote and canned it in Mason jars. Sunday, I made a couple of batches of chocolate cranberry biscotti and after prettifying a few batches and some of the jars of peach, headed for our friends Ed & Linda’s place for the L5R game and present exchange. A fun time was had by all.

Today we didn’t do too much, except wrap our presents to each other and stop at the store for a few last-minute supplies. I was pretty chipper because my result came in today, and I passed the stupid PE exam. Edmund made a delicious shrimp pasta dish for dinner, and he just served me Baileys-and-Kahlua coffee.

I talked to my family, everyone is there but us. Dad’s health is still up-and-down, though; on Saturday he woke up after a good night, his voice was back and he immediately called several people to give them updates. But tonight he was tired and had no appetite, and decided not to go to Christmas mass, which is unusual for him. I hope he’ll rebound again ASAP.

Nous avons vus des amis vendredi et dimanche soir. Entre les deux, samedi a été très occupé avec les emplettes, les cartes de Noël (nous venions de recevoir les photos et j’ai enfin assemblé et adressé nos cartes), la popotte (Edmund a fait de la compote de poires), etc. Dimanche j’ai fait des biscottes au chocolat et tout emballé, puis nous sommes allés voir des amis.

Aujourd’hui nous avons enveloppé nos cadeaux pour l’un et l’autre. J’ai reçu confirmation dans le courrier du jour que j’avais passé l’examen d’octobre, ha-ha. Edmund a fait un délicieux vermicelli aux crevettes pour souper et vient de me servir un café au Baileys et Kahlua.

J’ai appelé ma famille à Rougemont, tout le monde est là sauf nous. Marie-Claude, Maxime, Camille et Vincent restent jusqu’à mercredi; Jean et Julie rentrent chez eux ce soir. Papa allait bien samedi, il avait temporairement retrouvé la voix, mais aujourd’hui il était très fatigué et est allé se coucher à six heures trente sans souper. Il n’avait même pas l’énergie d’aller à la messe de huit heures. J’espère qu’il va bientôt reprendre du mieux.


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