OMG Seattle is scared!

Hey, we had snow last night. Just enough to create a lovely winter wonderland, but since it has not had a chance yet to melt and re-freeze, the driving conditions aren’t bad. In Seattle, it’s always on Snow Day 2 that the bad stuff starts. The buses were late — I actually caught the one that normally runs 17 minutes earlier.

This weekend we had a Warmachine game on Saturday — my first ever, I proxied pirate minis using some of my beloved WH40K 1st & 2nd ed. Orks. On Sunday we had a small meeting to plan Dragonflight 2008 prize coordination, and I created the draft GM shirt design for the “Four Days of Freeport” event at ConQuest NW. In the evening we had a con-ference call for ConQuest NW planning.

My review of Seven Leagues was posted on this morning.

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