OMG… Seattle is safe from the icky white stuff.

Snow Day 2 was not to be — we got a usual rain instead. There was some mild disappointment in the air, as so many of us had hoped to work from home today, safe from the threat of an inch of snow.

(For those elsewhere who are baffled as to why snow should even be noticed when it falls less than a foot at a time: since temperatures in Seattle are buffered by the Pacific Ocean, even at their coldest they hover very near the freezing point. As a result, snow rapidly melts, but also refreezes immediately into a slick mess. Add to this that drivers here don’t know how to drive in these conditions and that Seattle has lots of steep hills and little to no organized snow removal, icing or sanding system, and you start getting the slippery picture. Top it with a fleet of articulated buses that cannot climb the mildest rise as soon as it’s icy, and you get a very bad traffic situation. Last year on the first “Day 2” of the season, a ride that normally takes exactly 15 minutes took us 2 hours and 45 minutes (starting at 10:30 PM!) Along the way, we passed 7 abandoned city buses and one abandoned school bus…)

And last night I submitted a review of vs. Outlaws on

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