And they say romance is dead…

Somewhere between profoundly tacky and shockingly depressing, the MMORPG City of Heroes/City of Villains offers a Valentines Day event to its players. As those who play MMORPGs (or, like me, hang out with online gamers) know, these games periodically offer special events during which players can earn something extra for their characters which you can’t get outside this event: special gear, badges, costumes, etc. (I believe last weekend was “double experience points.”) Well, I made a joke about people staying home on Valentines Day to earn the special costume.

Turns out I wasn’t kidding.

CoH/CoV really IS offering special costumes (for a mere $9.99) as well as the chance to attend the wedding of two of the stock characters (the walking scenery) of their setting. Wow (or should I say WoW?)

I swear, if I was still single and had nothing to do on Valentines Day but play computer games where I attend the wedding of non-player characters, I would be so fucking depressed.

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