The small things in life

A word about the little things I love in the morning and rarely think to mention to anyone.

  • makes breakfast and walks me to the bus stop. And he kisses me before we part.
  • As of this week, the sun rises early enough and the clouds have parted enough that it’s light when I leave.
  • Sometimes I catch a beautiful view of the Cascades to the east, or the Olympics to the west along the way.
  • Just about every morning, the university crew boat teams are crossing under the University Bridge into Portage Bay when the bus crosses over the Ship Canal.
  • When I walk from the bus stop to the office, there are smells of coffee and cooking along the way, and I say hello to my friend the leaning tree.
  • On Monday mornings, I stop at the florist to get something for my office. Nothing big, I only have a minuscule vase, usually it’s just one flower and some greenery.
  • When I reach the office, we have a sweeping view of Elliott Bay and, when the weather is clear, the Olympics.

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