Planning, Gaming, Flaming

Last night we played a short episode of ‘s Scion game and a game of Illuminati. This morning, we had a planning meeting for Dragonflight this morning; we managed to keep it to an hour. Then Laura, and I had lunch at La Casa del Mojito and, after dropping Laura off to her afternoon game, we went to The Dreaming (alas, no comic books in our box, and the order from IPR was not in…)

Tomorrow, we’re having a planning meeting for Emerald City Gamefest and some games. And on Monday night, we’re going to play Bunnies & Burrows — the 1976 original! scored a copy recently, for free. ^_^ Talk about old skool gaming! And in other recent acquisitions, yesterday he found a copy of Synnibar by Raven cs McCracken, the Ed Wood of role-playing games, at Half Price Books. Oh, and a used copy of the New World of Darkness core book, which I had sworn to get only second-hand because I don’t want to give any more money to White Wolf.

Last night and today, I had to mostly stay out of a couple of flamey threads on “Women Gamers and Mechanics : Oil and Water?” and “Sexism in RPG art.” But that’s totally OK, because as we already know, there is no problem except in the head of anyone who takes offence at depictions of women in (some) games. There is nothing to improve, just move along.

Fortunately, the reason I didn’t have time for the flame-threads is that I was, y’know, actually gaming and/or organising gaming events, so I count that as a personal victory.

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