I’m a bad person! I stack too many things on my plate, and as a result, too many nice people end up waiting patiently for feedback on various writings. Cases in point: Laura has been waiting for comments on her draft novel, and , and on their games in beta version (or even in final!) ( at least got a bunch of comments from me earlier.) And I have a couple of games to playtest for reviews.

Anyhow, I started on ‘s Arsenal again (I had set it aside about two months ago…) And instead of sticking to it, this made me want to go back to his other books and leaf through, because I enjoy the clarity of his writing. It’s easy to grasp the premise of his games, compared to the many authors who can sometimes ramble on about the number of classes or races you can play in their games without ever giving you an idea of why you would want to.

Tim’s games are definitely on my list of “Games I need to run this summer.”

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