Rainbows bridge rain and sun

I’ve been remiss last week: I neglected to mention the beautiful rainbow I saw on Monday, complete from end to end, over Lake Washington. I was not able to snap a picture, but I enjoyed watching it.

We had a pleasant enough weekend in games, with our first try at Don’t Rest your Head on Thursday night; the first episode of my new Fading Suns game followed by dinner at La Casa del Mojito on Saturday; catching up with the small stuff on Sunday afternoon and then having an episode of our Legends of the Five Rings campaign and a communal St. Patrick’s-themed dinner. I’m also working on a review for RPG.net’s Actual Play Review Week.

I don’t know how to frame this in my little descriptions of daily life, but the dark cloud over this routine is that dad is not doing very well. He’s slowly declining, and I expect he will not last another year. It happens to everyone sooner or later, but knowing it doesn’t help.

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