Update 2: Games

My review of Savage Worlds: Explorer’s Edition was posted on RPG.net yesterday.

On Monday I ran an episode of my Seven Leagues, which is set in the Fables universe in New York, 1775. Temporarily leaving aside the impact of a rebellion brewing in the Colonies, the Fables decided instead to explore some great, unnatural wickedness that Morko Bussemand, the Bogeyman, had detected in Massachusetts, and ended up in a charming little coastal town called Innsmouth. (I moved the town further south along the coast than its real-life model of Newburyport, but who minds, right?) The next episode in on April 7 and should include a big scary battle.

On Wednesday we played another episode of ‘s Iron Kingdoms True20 game. The True 20 system is growing on people in the group. And last night we had dinner and board games with a bunch of friends. I tried Pandemic, wasn’t really impressed with it, but I’d need to read up on rules variants.

Tonight we’re catching an RPG.net meetup. Because of a rather strange and quick flame war of the “burnout on re-entry” variety that happened on the boards this week, the meetup is likely to have a component of “No shit, there I was,” but I hope we can recover and talk about more fun things.

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