Game reviews

My recent review of Savage Worlds Explorer’s Edition took second prize for Actual Play Review Week on I’m feeling chipper about it because the last two times there was a theme week with a review contest, I took third prize for Science-Fiction Review Week (with a controversial review of Burning Empires) and first prize for Horror Review Week (with a review of Unknown Armies).

It’s flattering, because there was a lot of competition, especially for science fiction and horror reviews. Just between you and me, I feel that my review of Burning Empires is probably the best I have written to date. I tried very hard to give enough context for people with different tastes to get a good idea of the book.

Also, we had not one but two games at the club last night, in one of our busiest Mondays in a long while: eight people for dinner at Sam’s Sushi, and 12 for games (5 women, 7 men). I ran the second part of my Seven Leagues excursion into Lovecraftian mythos (“Gone Fishing”) and ran Monsters & Other Childish Things, for a light-hearted horror double-header. There was a lot of laughter and exclamations.

As an added bonus, I also received my print copy of Roma Imperious True20. I had purchased the PDF before the print version was out, and discovered I liked it a lot. When the print was released a couple of weeks ago with a promo offer on the HinterWelt site (free PDF and discount price on the print version), owner Bill Corrie was nice enough to offer me the deal after the fact and I took him up on it. So after I sign off tonight, I’ll go back to reading about an alternate history where Rome did not fall. 🙂

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