Blarg. I feel like a damp, moldy towel forgotten behind the washer. Which is to say, of course, that I’m being a big baby.

This morning started with the rematch with our cat Benjamin, and he almost won again. But our veterinarian, the excellent Dr. Joseph Romatowski, told us to come on ver as soon as we had caught Benjamin, even though we had missed the appointment time. Ha-ha! We captured the reticent Benjamin by luring him with treats and closing all the doors behind him. And rolling him in a towel like a cat burrito. It’s always good to get this taken care of, and hear confirmation that the small tumours he has developed are benign.

Then we had a lengthy planning meeting for the Dragonflight convention, at the Bellevue Hilton so we could look at the actual space as modified for this year’s event. After that, we picked up our comic books at The Dreaming and ordered our copies of the PS238 RPG and The Arsenal of Heaven.

It was a beautiful Saturday (the first warm one in Seattle this year), the farmers market across the street was booming, and the foot traffic ended up clogging up La Casa del Mojito so we didn’t have our weekly fix but we were happy they got so much business. Instead we stopped at the store, got the fixings for sandwiches and had our late lunch. After a nap because by then I was shivering with a little fever despite the warm weather, I got back online to write the meeting minutes and follow up on various agenda items from the Dragonflight meeting. I wish I’d had the energy to go out do some photo instead, but I’m still feeling crummy. Maybe tomorrow.

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