More comments about Roma Imperious

A few days ago I started commenting on my current reading, HinterWelt Entreprises’ Roma Imperious True20. One thing I find quite interesting about the setting and I have not seen mentioned by any reviewers is that if you use the setting as-is, the most important source of political conflict is the status of women in society, also closely tied with two other issues: the status of the plebeian class and practitioners of magic. It’s the top problem discussed for Emperor Licinius Vitellius Tiderius, his wife Gaia Silvanus (I’m pretty sure she should be called Gaia Silvana), and their chief detractor, Senator Munatius Sabinus. How’s that for a trad game?

Naturally, it’s perfectly easy to ignore this in your campaign — after all, not all starting (old) Vampire campaigns are about the political agenda of the oldest Methuselah — but I find it fascinating that the game threw the issue front and centre.

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