More notes on <i>Roma Imperious</i>

I’ve been reading more of Roma Imperious True20 as well as the adventure supplement Turris Lemurum, and musing about some features. I was amused by some of the tidbits that are snuck in; for example, the province of Germania Magna is ruled by a Propraetor who is a Roman supremacist. I said earlier that the setting makes me think of a Roman twist on Earthdawn and Shadowrun; the resemblance continues to strike me. The rise of magic and monstrous beasts coincide in the last four centuries of the setting.

I’m still left wanting more for the regions I’m most interested in (more than three pages on Britannia but four paragraphs on Hispania), but what is there is good stuff. I could wish for an index of character names; if I feel really enterprising at some point, I may create one. I also wish the editing was better. It’s not by far the worst I’ve seen in RPGs (and I realize this is a touchy subject, as I believe it was edited by the author’s wife), but a good editor always makes things better. Now, if you start with an indifferent product (say one of the many splatbook-treadmill productions from White Wolf, AEG, etc.), it doesn’t matter much; but when the material is strong, it bugs me to see it less polished than it could/should be.

Roma Imperious contains some really evocative material. Every little overview holds plot seeds, and you can take wildly different tacks to the setting, from devious political scheming to monster-hunting to exploration to high adventure.

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