Snow Day, etc.

Yep, snow. April 19 in Seattle where it hardly ever snows in January, and we gots the white stuff. It started last night at rush hour and continued on through the evening, while and I were playing Scion at and ‘s place. By the time we got home around 10:30 PM, it was a (thin) winter wonderland in our neighbourhood.

It started again this morning, was falling pretty thickly (alternating with hail!) when we went out to meet for the monthly luncheon. This month’s lunch was at Pies & Pints, which was mostly notable for its desserts; we found it good enough but pricey for the portion size. Nevertheless, it was a fun lunch, with 7 gamers and one toddler despite the snow — which had ended by the time we left.

Then Laura invited everyone to play board games at her place, so five of us reconvened there — after walking to Fred Meyers so and I could get ourselves a couple of new cheapie MP3 players to replace our broken ones (it was his birthday present and I guess mine too), then to Gary’s Games just because, then to the Wayward Coffeehouse for hot drinks.

Finally, we got to Laura’s place and four of us played The Farming Game while , who is not very fond of board games, read the two used L5R books he had picked up at Gary’s Games. (The game was pretty frustrating, but the company was good.) By then, it was late enough for dinner (and then some); we discovered that the Pig and Whistle had just closed its doors for good (boo!) so we all ended up at Gorditos for the opposite of lunch inasmuch as we had lots of food for little money (good food, that is.) Burritos, quesadillas, tacos.

Now we’re just noodling around; we tried our new MP3 players, and loaded Soviet-era music on his, making a soundtrack for the first instalment of his HeroQuest game (via the Mythic Russia implementation) based on the graphic novel series The Red Star.

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