Shining Red Star!

We had our first episode of The 5th Hook Files, ‘s implementation of the HeroQuest system by way of Firebird Productions’ Mythic Russia and set in the universe of The Red Star graphic novels. It was the best game I’d been in for a long time. 🙂

had limited the party to four players, which made for better story control (we had another group in the next room, playing Trail of Cthulhu.) Our 5th Hook team was composed of Lt. Kommissar Nikolai Lebedev (Michael N.), his outcast sister Kommissar Zek Sorceress-Medikaster Yeva Lebedeva (Laura), Kommissar Sorceress-Infokaster Valentina Savitskaya (me), and their bodyguard, veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Starshina Todleben (Jayson R.) had prepared by putting up propaganda posters around the gaming room and creating a soundtrack from Soviet-era patriotic music downloaded from the Web. Well, and reading tons of Russian mythology, re-reading The Red Star series, and writing a plot. 🙂

It was a simple but fun scenario, a good introduction or season premiere. We used only basic rules, keeping the more complex stuff for a second episode. The great thing was that we had four well-crafted characters without excessive overlap, with good complementary abilities, and with deliberately designed intra-party tension. Everyone got to shine at something: Michael got to be the smooth and scheming Party careerist leading our group, Laura had the most capable character and was central to unravelling the plot, I got to put two and two together at the right time and figure out the mystery, and Jayson… Jayson was Awesome on the Hoof. Two great tastes that go together: grenades and telekinesis. ^_^ Let’s just say he gave us a grandiose finale.

I will post the story notes later this week.

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