Jolly start to the day

This morning we had an unusually unruly bus loony. See, I have this theory that King County mandates at least one loony per bus as a low-cost alternative to drug treatment or health care facilities. Most of the time, they’re harmless, but this morning we had one who was belligerent sitting way in the back on a packed bus. So the driver had to call Seattle PD to have the man removed. We were a little late and the people wh had been closest to Mr. Furious were little frazzled.

I suspect he would have backed down from anyone who offered continued challenge, but who wants to take the chance of being hurt instead?

From a gamer perspective, the guy was a little bit interesting. He actually looked like a fairly anonymous white middle-class 25-year old, wearing ordinary clothes and sporting earphones and music player. He did not stand out on a rush hour commuter bus. But even when I got on board early in the route, he was already talking to himself. And that’s the part that is interesting: he kept chanting or repeating bits of rhymes, and his chorus was “Mustn’t fall asleep.” Maybe he was a Don’t Rest Your Head LARPer?

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