Great Saturday!

We had something close to a perfect Saturday. Not only did the weather finally turn to spring (or at least a temporary illusion of it), but the day was filled with pleasant bits.

After cooked a spectacular breakfast of cinnamon Dutch baby and pork chops, we grabbed our cameras and headed to the Burke Museum for a day of demonstrations of Plateau Native art and craft. We did some photo on the University of Washington grounds, spoke with artists and watched them work. exchanged business cards and contact info with all the artists, and had some people interested in photo-documenting their techniques.

We had a late-ish lunch at Shultzy’s (gumbo for me, andouille sandwich for Gumby), headed to my mid-afternoon optometrist appointment, then ran into our friend Mark, and browsed nearby Third Place Books store. After stopping at home for a little bit, we went out again to get our comic books at The Dreaming, have a light dinner at La Casa del Mojito (it can be done if you stick to a big bowl of hearty soup and a dessert), and attend this year’s opera at the Northwest Puppet Center, Mozart’s Don Giovanni.

Yes, puppet opera! Five singers and five musicians, four puppeteers. Last year we saw their production of Francesca Caccini’s La liberazione di Ruggiero dall’isola d’Alcina; these operas are tremendous fun. Next year will be Telemann’s Don Quixote, I hope we get to see it.

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