Getting back on track

I came back from Quebec last Wednesday after the customary 12 gruelling hours of travel (door to door) but without mishaps. met me at the airport with a dozen roses, he’s so sweet; and he had lined up my collection of teddy bears in the back seat. (Yes, I have a collection of teddy bears at my age — some of them are probably older than my readers!)

On Friday night I was able to go pick up my personal effects at my ex-office although I was unable to get my personal files off my computer (photos, music, personal address book) because the IT guy is on vacation until next Tuesday. I was courteous and quiet though perhaps still too snarky: upon departing, I arranged a little diorama of company gear onto my desk, returning the drink cups, ball caps, jackets, water bottles, flash drive, and other branded knick-knacks gathered over the last nine years. I’m not going to be advertising for the company.

Since then, I’ve been plugging away at the job search. It’s odd, I was telling my husband that I’m searching compulsively: I hate feeling powerless, so I feel I have to keep at the search even at odd hours not because I crave employment but so I can feel like I’m doing something effective. On the happy side, I think I have a strong resume. I had an interview with a recruiter the very next day after I returned, and I’ve already received numerous expressions of interest from recruiters after I uploaded my information to WorkSource, LinkedIn, and, in addition to responses to resume I sent directly. I’ve had a few preliminary phone interviews, with more scheduled or being scheduled around the Memorial Day holiday.

So it’s good that I’m getting lots of nibbles, although I don’t yet know how serious any of them are. Just like it’s a lot faster to submit resumes nowadays, it’s also a lot easier to scan through many more of them so I suspect HR departments cast the net wider than they used to. I just want an interesting job I can feel proud of. I’m a good engineer, I know that, and there seem to be some jobs available. Besides, I have new interview clothes I need to show off.

I’m still not back to business-as-usual mentally. I put on my can-do, go-getter smile and use my best voice when the phone rings, but I still just want to cry whenever I stop to think. Fortunately, people have been very nice. Lots of friends have offered support, and it’s greatly appreciated. Thank you, folks.

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