Apparently, I need to get a life.

At least, that’s what suggests — he says tomorrow night we need to go to the movies, because I’ve been filling job applications and sending resumes for 12 hours a day. :-}

That’s not quite true, though — tonight we went out and had dinner with a former co-worker who had quit back in December, and her husband. They are very nice people and it was nice to meet again. Alas, despite my best intentions we talked “shop” too much, but at least not exclusively. And I’m not sure what all we’re doing this weekend, but I know it will involve a game of Warmachine since I got a large number of pirate minis from Ogre in trade for books.

Monday being a holiday here, it looks like a bunch of people will meet for a sushi lunch and get down to the club to play a couple of back-to-back games. will run a game of Bloodshadows (that’s the one where I play a cat who thinks he is a former god — and has some evidence to back it up), and will run “I Hate Space” in the afternoon. Cindy has located a restaurant, Vincenzo’s, who will deliver to the club. Then I will run a game of Wilderness of Mirrors and someone else will run a fourth game, possibly Mark with a game of Truth and Justice.

Finally, we had Cirque du Soleil tickets for their Saltimbanco show in Victoria, BC on May 31 but since we’d need to pay for travel and an overnight stay and we’re on a lower budget right now, we were going to give them away to the third person in this adventure, our friend . But she insisted on letting her pay for the travel expenses so we’re going after all. (Thank you!)

So you see, I’m not just doing job search. Speaking of the topic, though, I have a phone interview with Company A tomorrow morning, one in person with Company B on Tuesday afternoon (a 2-hour one where I will meet at least 4 people), and two more companies trying to schedule appointments for next week. I also have received a good deal of interest from several more employers and recruiters. Only a couple of useless contacts so far from companies that look more in the business of stringing job seekers along than filling jobs — I politely turned those away. I do not plan on paying for a staffing agency’s services; they can collect from a happy employer.

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