(1) Job Search
Things are going well, but it’s a lot of work to find work! I’m getting calls and e-mails all the time, and I’ve been fielding lots of interviews. Just today, I had two; and right now I have one next Monday, two on Tuesday, and one on Wednesday morning. I think I’m doing well in interviews as well, but we’ll see the real results if I start getting offers. So far, no employer has terminated the process, although in a couple of cases I had to say early on that I didn’t think I had the right qualifications.

There are lots of neat online tools for job search these days; I’ve been very pleased with JibberJobber, the Washington Workforce Explorer, and LinkedIn; I have not fully explored Quintessential Careers, but it looks interesting. And of course I’m very fond of the Google calendar tool to track what I have to do and let Edmund see it too.

(2) Movies
After my interviews, we took a few hours off to catch the 4:30pm matinee of The Fall. We loved it! After we returned home, I wanted to read a bit about the making of the movie so I poked around on the ‘Net. I was shocked to discover that it was only getting a score of 47% on Rotten Tomatoes! Both and I were delighted with it. This is another movie that is not just passively consumed, but invites you to think about what’s going on, explore the symbols used, and enjoy the quality of the writing, acting, directing, filming, and editing. And I liked the soundtrack too. 47%, my ass! It was a thoroughly enjoyable movie, and I was grateful that some of the obvious plot pitfalls were avoided, such as contrived happy endings (though we do get a happy-ish ending).

(3) Weekend
We’re leaving at 5:45am tomorrow morning to meet with and catch the ferry to Victoria. We’ll see the Cirque du Soleil show Saltimbanco, and stay overnight at a bed & breakfast before returning early afternoon on Sunday. It should be a nice change from job search — though I have a bunch of calls to return on Monday morning.

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