Victoria and back

We had a charming — if too short — hop to Victoria, BC this weekend. , our friend and I met in Anacortes in time for the 7h45 ferry. The weather was unexpectedly perfect, as the forecast had been rather dull; we stayed on the upper deck for the whole trip, picnicking on bagels, cream cheese, lox, blueberry loaf, fruit, and coffee. After landing in Sidney just before 11h00, a 25 km drive took us to Victoria.

We walked around the downtown core for a while, checking out the used bookstores and finding a couple of interesting books. We had lunch at the Rathskeller Schnitzel Haus, then after walking around some more we dropped by the bed & breakfast to check in. We had made reservations at the Canisbay Cottage, our first visit there but almost certainly not our last.

In the afternoon we saw the Cirque du Soleil show Saltimbanco, which was the excuse for our trip. It’s a lot of fun to compare the various shows; every Cirque du Soleil show we have seen over the years (Dralion, Alegria, Varekai, Corteo, a traveling musical whose title I now forget, and now Saltimbanco) has been very distinctive and different from the others. This one was a fantastical version of what street performers might do (if you could have flying trapezes and bungee on the street.) While my favourite show so far is still Varekai, this was another breathtaking show.

We ended up having dinner at Chandlers, a seafood restaurant. It was good enough, but service was extremely slow; our waiter appeared to be new and was clearly very nervous. We didn’t stiff him on tip because he was courteous and didn’t make any mistake except being slow and swamped. We tend to be pretty forgiving patrons; in my case, I value courtesy and I know I would do a terrible job as wait staff — so I can’t cast stones.

This morning we had a lovely breakfast at Canisbay Cottage and a very enjoyable chat with the owners and their daughter. They confirm our belief that B&B owners are generally really nice people; we’ve only ever met one exception to this. It also holds pretty true for B&B patrons. Then we headed out to take the 11h45 ferry. The weather was not as nice as yesterday, but we still spent most of the trip out on the deck; and I were lucky enough to catch sight of a pod of Dall’s porpoises alongside the ferry and crossing its path. Three surfaced at once in graceful, symmetrical arcs. It was a glorious sight.

Although we came home to plumbing problems, a plumber came by to clear the tree root obstruction along the drain in the yard, so we were not seriously inconvenienced.

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