My poor head…

The job search is making me anxious. I have one job offer for a local employer, but I’m not certain of the goodness of the fit. I’ve got a heavy-duty job interview in San Francisco tomorrow (I’m schedule to speak to 10 people, a majority of them VPs.) Unless I screw up, I expect a job offer; the job sounds exciting, but I’m not hot about moving back to the Bay Area. I contacted the local employers who had been interested; all the ones who had made the top section of my list ended up saying “We really like you but we’re not sure we have enough work to keep you occupied.” So the options are rapidly narrowing down.

Then this afternoon I tackled the on-going saga of getting my computer files back from the old job. I try various numbers, can’t reach the CEO or the COO. IT Guy, clearly unhappy to be in this position, tells me he has received no new instructions from the CEO (it’s been 10 days since I was told “We’ll discuss it today.”) At the end of the day, reached the CEO on the road from Portland, who tells me he had an e-mail from the COO last week that everything had been mailed. He sheepishly agrees that it shouldn’t take this long. He will look into it first thing in the morning (Suuuuure…)

Reached the COO with a vengeance — at 4:55 PM. Hee. He is the champion of coming to talk to people (monologue at them, more like!) at 4:55 and making them miss the bus. He says he sent a photocopy of my employee file last week, also admits it shouldn’t take a week. Has no knowledge of the computer files, thought CEO and IT Guy were taking care of it. I re-explain, repeat that I am happy to explain what those files are, point out that I have requested a list that fills less than one page out of the (I kid you not) 450-page list that had been sent to me as a sort of Ariadne’s Test.

I speak very nicely to everyone, flies-honey-vinegar-etc. in mind, but plan on getting a couple of naked mole rats so I can name them for certain people.

To distract myself from sources of stressed, turned to what calls “Procrastination through interest.” I’m a judge for this week’s Fantasy Review Week event; along with and Allan Sugarbaker, I agreed to read and rate the various reviews submitted for the contest. I had fun participating in previous events (Superhero Week, Science Fiction Week, Horror Week, Actual Play Week); I even won several prizes, which was flattering. But I knew fantasy would generate a ton of submissions, especially with the new D&D edition just out, so I offered to help in other ways rather than compete.

So here I am; I’ve just ploughed through 70% of the reviews posted (33 out of 47). How did I get 47 when only 16 are listed? The reviews queued for publication are available to paying members, so I’ve been able to read through what is in the wings through Friday. Well, through half of Thursday’s batch, right now. The judges are supposed to score each review between 1 and 10, but I found myself going back to my days of grading papers and giving letter grades, so I made a little lookup table to assign numerical scores based on the grade.

Right now, my brain is fried. I don’t know if it’s fried enough to sleep, but I need to because I’m getting up early to fly out tomorrow.

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