Back from Colorado

I think it was a good interview yesterday in Denver. Several people I spoke to said they expected I would get an offer. I’m interested, the work is challenging and involves travel around the world. I have more phone interviews planned for later this week with other companies, and there are two more that I expect may make offers (one local, one in San Francisco).

Sigh. I don’t really feel like moving, and I have grown roots here. On the other hand, any of our friends could move suddenly too. Also, I mistrust the lure of comfort, of the unchallenging choice. The best thing I ever did for myself in the long run was to pack my car and leave for a 5 000 km trip to California. I met my husband, I made friends, I shaped my career, I got a graduate degree, I learned so much. Everyone back then except Dad said “I just couldn’t do that,” meaning leave my family and friends and go alone. All this to say, adventure has yielded high return for me.

Nowadays it seems more difficult than it used to be. Is that an indication that I’ve grown too comfortable? Or on the contrary, that adventure is no longer where my heart is?

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