A good Monday

Yesterday was really busy for me. I spent the day meeting lots of people in job interviews, and in between running errands to prepare for our secret event later in the evening. I had a very good interview for a local company on Mercer Island and I expect to hear back from them tomorrow. One of the things that was interesting is that for the first time, I dared to chip through the geek wall of silence: I mentioned some of the work I’ve done for the local gaming community — and the interviewers seemed impressed.

The secret event last night was a wedding shower at the club for our friends and who are getting married this weekend. Several of us had been out shopping for wacky party favours and decorations at Archie McPhee this weekend, and several people brought food to share: giant gourmet sandwiches, fresh pineapple, vegetable sticks, soda, etc. I had ordered a yummy, massive cake from Honey Bear Bakery, with a creamy cheese frosting and filled with layers of fresh berries and whipped cream.

We had a dozen people, enough for two roleplaying games, plus the group of board gamers. was running a special Truth & Justice game as a wedding present. I had made a character for it but we found ourselves with seven players wanting to get in the game because it was a special event, and only a couple left for the other game, a player-driven homebrew called “Zombie Apocalypse”. had advertised for 6 players and I was #3 (after and , of course). But would-be #7 was a newcomer and I really want the new people to feel welcome (he had even taken a few hours off work because he really wanted to play this game); #6 is a dear friend and also was very keen on making it into the game; #5 was , who has been very generous about bowing out in similar situations in past weeks; and #4 has no interest in zombie stories.

On the other hand, the GM and the other two players for the zombie game were all people I love to game with, and I’ve played in a previous instalment that had been a lot of fun. I really wanted everyone to have a good evening; and the other GM needed at least 3 players, so I jumped ships. I was bummed to miss the T&J game because it sounds like it was a great one, but we had a really fun game at the other table as well. The latest episode of Zombie Apocalypse was taking place at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, certainly a good location for hordes of brainless people to mill around. I had a good time using the scenery — jetway, carts, wheelchairs, airline counter, etc. — to create action.

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