After the Flood

Squint/Opera, a film and media production studio in London, recently created a series of five images called “2090: London After the Flood.” The series, which has been discussed in Dezeen online design magazine and the Environmental Graffiti news blog, is on show at Medcalf Gallery in Clerkenwell, London from June 20 to this Sunday during the London Festival of Architecture.

Another interesting view of a post-Ice Cap Meltdown world is provided by the Global Warming Flood Maps created by Alex Tingle using Google Maps (and some mad skillz), also in England. There must be something about living on an island and watching the water rise… Anyhow, this site allows you to select a location on the world map and an increment of mean sea level increase, then watch what happens to the coast line when the water rises.

Hint: the shallower the incline along the coast line, the greater the visual effect as the sea fills in your city. It’s actually not as bad as that in Seattle, which has a fairly abrupt rise from the water’s edge. The Interbay area would be flooded, but Downtown would stay pretty dry. For a fun view, watch what happens to the San Francisco Bay area and especially the East Bay at a default depth of 7m…

And in case you’re not sure you should be buying a bathing suit (and a parka, just in case) to welcome the new coastline and the new climate, go check out what NOAA and NASA have to say about the mess we’ve created. It’s going to be no end of fun.

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