New Job, New Location

I’ve been remiss in posting lately. That’s because we’re busy packing the house in order to move; I’ve accepted a job with SHN Consulting Engineers & Geologists in Eureka, California.

My husband and I have fond memories of Eureka and surrounding Humboldt County; we lived there for nearly five years when I was doing my Master’s degree at Humboldt State University. However, we have now been in Seattle for nine years, and it was a very difficult decision. In the end, I picked the job offer that best matched my taste for varied tasks, with a team that seems friendly and dynamic. It was also the choice that made better financial sense for us, since the cost of living and particularly of housing in that area is much more advantageous than in Seattle, allowing us to set more aside for retirement.

Nevertheless, we are now saying goodbye to a lot of friends — a difficult chore. We’re also frantically packing, trying to line up potential rentals for a visit in a few days, and looking for a moving company (or at least a truck driver.) We’re also trying to fulfil our obligations to diverse local groups like Emerald City Gamefest and Dragonflight.

I’m scheduled to start on September 2 (since the 1st is a holiday); I’m looking forward to returning to project work, rather than job search and moving.

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