Misadventures in moving

It’s very busy here. We’ve been packing belongings, sorting rubbish and recyclables, cleaning the garage so we can store our many boxes, etc. is also planning a couple of photo sessions with friends, one tomorrow and one on Sunday next week, so we will have something to remember them by. Yesterday we dropped by Glazer’s Camera to pick up more film and a fem accessories, and I succumbed to impulse buy: I got a new tripod to replace the one I lost a year ago (I lent it and it never came back.) Along with the tripod I bought a monoball head to mount the camera.

In the box was a set of Manfrotto’s “General Instructions & Warnings.” It’s international so it uses little icons to describe all the terrible things you should not submit your tripod kit to. One of them was downright hilarious, like it came straight out of ‘s Comfort Guides: it showed a little silhouette sitting straight on top of the tripod, with a circle and bar going through the image to suggest this was not advisable, and the label indicated that one should not submit the tripod to loads in excess of its rated capacity. It looked indeed most inadvisable.

Yesterday was also our friend Laura’s birthday, so we had a small party at the park, with cake and a croquet game. won the first game and the second.

Next Sunday I’m driving down to Eureka, California to visit houses so we can rent something in time for September 1st. We’re not sure yet whether will come with me or stay to pack more boxes. He injured his hand yesterday — not moving boxes, as he’s been very careful, but preparing dinner! He cut a slice off the tip of his off-hand thumb, which necessitated a couple of stitches at the Emergency Room.

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