Weekend update

Yesterday started with breakfast at Crosswinds in Arcata, who have the best biscuits and gravy in the world (and all sorts of other excellent menu items.) We then walked through the North Country Fair and shopped at the farmer’s market. We then took a walk at the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary, then headed back to Eureka where we got seed for our bird feeder, a pair of shoes for me, shopped for the rest of our menu at the Co-Op, then came back and did little house chores (like packaging and freezing meat).

In the evening, we gave Hulu a try; I’d read about this site earlier in the week. We watched the first few episodes of The Dresden Files, so that was fun. Our cat Eurekatous, who loves watching movies, was pleased.

This morning, I worked on filling forms to apply for my professional engineer license in California and Oregon. We then had a planning meeting for Emerald City Gamefest via Skype. That worked quite well, and I typed the meeting notes as we went, so I was able to post them at the end of the meeting. This afternoon I plan on unpacking a few boxes of books. We’ll probably watch more online TV tonight…

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