Semi-productive weekend

Technically, we were very busy but since a lot of today’s work was for Emerald City Gamefest, it gets downgraded to “moderately useful.”

But yesterday we went shopping for a few useful cabinets for the bathroom and offices, and after I assembled them, we put away a lot of stuff that was still in boxes. We also put up frames, clothes hooks, and little things like that. The house is getting near presentable — except that I need to dust, sweep and vacuum the entire place. My files, the CDs and the DVDs are not yet put away; and most of the games are still in the garage.

Today we did a little more of that, but we also spent a lot of time on ECG: Skype-based meeting, writing meeting minutes, sending invitations to GMs and sponsors, updating the Website, etc.

Alas, I brought work home from the office, and I have not yet touched it…

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