Here and There: the Difference

In order to illustrate the difference between life in Seattle and life in Humboldt County, here is a handy comparison table.

in King County/Seattle in Humboldt County
Traffic (Average Daily) 31,800 vehicles a day along NE 145th Street, a moderate throughway near our house. 17,000 vehicles a day along Highway 101 on 4th Street at G Street (the main drag); 30,000 at Wabash near my office.
Red lights Mean FASTER NOW! Mean slow down for a block or two before you need to.
Stop signs Mean you slow down to about 10 mph and give a quick glance for cops. Mean you come to a complete stop, glance around, adjust the radio, wave to Bob over there watering his lawn, then slowly start again, coasting through the intersection at 10 mph.
Bicyclists About 10% are criminally insane. About 5% are criminally insane.
Pedestrians Think they are made of adamantium Think it’s pretty harsh, man, that you’re not giving them a ride
Commute Took 50 minutes, door to door Takes 10-12 minutes
Gas consumption One tank every 7-10 days One tank every 3-4 weeks
Phone book Is about 3 inches thick (75 mm) for the white pages and almost as much for the yellow pages. Is about 1 inch thick (25 mm) — for both white and yellow pages combined.