Victory Lap

American friends, don’t be mad at me — I love you as individuals, but I’ve always despised your country. By that I mean the political entity, the structure, the big machine that is the United States of America. For years I’ve heard about the American Dream, how anyone can succeed, how it’s a government of the People for the People, but I’ve never seen it.

Until tonight.

This is the first time I’ve seen this thing I have read and heard about, instead of a bought-and-paid country owned by corporations and managed for the benefit of the richest. I thank you for voting for change; you were voting for yourselves and your loved ones, but you ended up voting for the whole planet. For the first time we non-Americans around the world can believe in United States that can be a leader and a force for good, not a bully. There’s no denying that the planet needs the U.S. in order to save itself, but I didn’t believe anything could change anymore.

By the way, my mom called from Quebec and she thanks you too; all my family and friends do.

I’m delighted that this was a landslide, that several reprehensible individuals lost their races, that we may yet get a filibuster-proof senate (with judicious bipartisan appointments), and that California Prop. 4 looks like it will be defeated. I am however very sad that California Proposition 8 seems to be on its way to passing. I want all my friends to be able to celebrate together. It’s probable that the initiative will be thrown out by the courts, but it’s just plain wrong to drag people through this pointless battle.

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