I was laid off from my previous job on Friday, May 2 at 4:30pm. I did not have a chance to get my things or, more crucially, my computer files; and I was asked to make an appointment to come and get them after hours.

It took until Friday, May 16 at 5pm until I was allowed to come in and get my personal effects; but even then, I was not able to get my computer files or copies of my personnel files. I received a few individual files on May 27, then after I insisted, on June 20. I also received a partial print copy of my personnel file, though I was never able to get my personnel evaluations. The computer files I received did not include my music files, so I kept asking about them. On Friday I just received 3 DVDs containing my music files.

The first contains about 1/4 to 1/3 of unreadable files. The second is at about 3/4. I have not tried the third yet.

You might be asking yourself, “What did she do to piss them off? She must have screwed up badly to get booted liked that.”

Interestingly, I didn’t, at least as far as was ever documented. Until last year, there was no formal performance evaluation process in place, but I did very well in the informal reviews. When I was used as a guinea pig as the company was establishing a new procedure, some points were identified for improvement, so I immediately tackled them and made objectively measurable, tangible changes and met al objectives. My formal performance evaluation was very good, and I was one of the few people to get a raise for 2008. (This is possibly why I have not been able to obtain a copy of the final signed review, just the draft review prior to my boss signing the report.)

The moral of the story? (1) Even if you think you’re working for saints, you can still be voted off the island without knowing why, so (2) you should keep everything in order as if you were going to be backstabbed tonight. That means keeping home copies of your resume, all your personnel evaluations, your contact database, and any tangible proof of performance such as praise from clients or bosses.

Fortunately for me, even though I was taken completely by surprise, I did indeed have copies of my resume, my contact database, the drafts of my performance evaluation, and some (but not all) of the kudos I’d received. But it’s been over six months and I still don’t have all my shit back. I’m not happy.

Edit: Most of disc #3 copied without too much trouble, so I guess I’m only missing about 1/3 of my music files. And several brain cells, the ones that were in charge of the patience circuits.

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