Pulp adventures, Part 5

(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.)

In my last post, I talked about two setting thumbnails I found that tickled my imagination: one with Antonio López de Santa Anna as an immortal emperor enhanced by alien technology (“Eagle and Serpent”), and one very much like Big Trouble in Little China: 1889 (“Celestials”). I have heard from only one of the people who said they were interested, (he has a bit of an advantage in keeping up with news); he favoured Eagle and Serpent. That was also, of the 80 or so campaign seeds I read, the one that interested most. I can lots of over-the-top yet tense pulp action scenes, it offers opportunities for Explorers, Defenders and Missions, in short it seemed like a good concept to mine for stories.

Here are some of the images that popped to mind when I read ‘s story seed:

  • A team of Pinkertons, G-Men, Texican rebels, and Zapatista sympathizers, briefed by FDR
  • A fight between Federales and Century Club agents atop a train at night under a full moon
  • A lopsided dogfight between a biplane and a very 1930 UFO in the night sky
  • A break-in to steal some of the alien technology that give Emperor Antonio his overwhelming advantage
  • A chase through the crowded and colourful streets of Mexico City
  • Huge crowds gathered on the Plaza de la Constitución, filmed Nuremberg Rally-style by Salvador Toscano Barragán which is the Leni Riefenstahl of this parallel Earth
  • A giant golden nanite-powered mech suit for Emperor Antonio which looks like a conquistador armour drawn by an Aztec priest
  • The search for a secret mountain-top Andean fortress
  • Space gods come to fight the Greys
  • Etc.

I originally received some expressions of interest from , , , , and . What do you guys think? Anyone else?

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