Money Madness

(copyright Julia Cameron for the questions, and yoinked from )

Complete the following phrases

1. People with money are: often incredibly callous
2. Money makes people: greedy
3. I’d have more money if: went through the chore of learning more about it
4. My dad thought money was: something to use to get other things
5. My mom always thought money would: need careful management
6. In my family money caused: eye-rolling
7. Money equals: stomach cramps
8. If I had money, I’d: probably mismanage it
9. If I could afford it, I’d: like to travel
10. If I had some money, I’d: hesitate between squirrelling it away and blowing through it too fast
11. I’m afraid that if I had money I would: probably spend too much on myself anyway
12. Money is: necessary
13. Money causes: anxiety
14. Having money is not: enough
15. In order to have more money I’d need to: be a disciplinarian
16. When I have money I usually: spend it or spread it
17. I think money: is not interesting
18. If I weren’t so cheap I’d: — oh, no, I can’t answer that one. As I’ve always told , I’m NOT cheap — but I’m easy.
19. People think money: is more important than humans, especially in the U.S.
20. Being broke tells me: I screwed up.

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