The Favourite Stuff Meme

Favourite stuff meme, as copied from .

1. Favorite food? Fish and seafood.
2. Favorite fast food? A really good burger with really good fries.
3. Favorite car? One that would be solar-powered, silent, and cheap.
4. Favorite animal? Bear.
5. Favorite pet? Right now, Eurekatous and Benjamin Black.
6. Favorite holiday? Christmas
7. Favorite season? August through October
8. Favorite jewelry? The bear-themed silver trade bracelet by Bill Wilson I got from for Christmas 2001. And the pendant and earrings by George Blake gave me for engagement and wedding presents.
9. Favorite flower? Wild rose from Prince Edward Island
10. Favorite drink (alcoholic)? Red ales or white wines
11. Favorite drink (non-alcoholic)? Coffee
12. Favorite clothing? Jeans, T-shirt, comfy walking shoes
13. Favorite book? Mysterious Island
14. Favorite movie? The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
15. Favorite actor/actress? Denzel Washington
16. Favorite TV show? Firefly
17. Favorite singer/band? If I had to pick only one, probably Pink Floyd. Or Richard Séguin.
18. Favorite color? Depends on context. Forest green is often a good bet, though.
19. Favorite place? Rougemont, Prince Edward Island, or Arcata.
21. Favorite sport? Swimming
22. Favorite candy? Dark chocolate. Especially Xocolatl.
23. Favorite hobby? Role-playing games.
24. Favorite way to relax? With my husband: sex. With anyone else: sitting down for coffee and a chat.
25. Favorite memory? None of your business!

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