More reviews of old TV shows

Continuing on our Hulu explorations, we’ve enjoyed a couple of shows recently:

Vanished, a 2006 mystery-suspense-occult thriller about the kidnapping of the wife of a U.S. Senator, which gradually unfolds into a much more complex and outlandish conspiracy than anyone guessed at first. It was pretty interesting in terms of pace and plotting, veering into X-Files territory on occasion (I’ll refrain from giving spoilers). Alas, it was planned for a full 22-episode season but had to be chopped down to 13. It was brought to a reasonable stopping with the apparent hope of relaunching the rest in a mini-series or half-season, but nothing so far. There was a vague rumour last year that it might be concluded on… Bones, of all places. Now I’m really baffled.

American Gothic, continuing in our trend of liking shows that had a wretched time getting any traction and were cancelled early. Shawn Cassidy and Sam Raimi’s weird little satirical horror series, presenting a sort of biblical story with tarot and other occult motifs: a man of wealth and taste, the evil sheriff Lucas Buck, rules the little town of Trinity, South Carolina. After his actions have left young Caleb Temple orphaned but with a few friends looking out for him, Sheriff Buck tries to make Caleb into a son after his own dark heart. (Again, I’m staying away from spoilers.) I would not be surprised to hear that this show had been an influence in the creation of another series we loved and which was cut short, Carnivale. The two shared many themes, even though Carnivale was both darker and more intricate.

We also continue to enjoy Heroes and are looking forward to the new season of Burn Notice and even Lost (fingers crossed that it won’t suck.)

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