How can these pages still be so fugly?

I tell you, Web design has made great progress since the early 90s, but not everyone got the memo. Here are my top 10 sucky sites designed by people who should know better and can afford a competent Web designer.

10. Technorati. OK, I lied: Technorati is not fugly, merely painful to squint at because it’s printed in tiny font and everything is green.

9. Seattle P-I. This newspaper just closed its print edition this week and went to an all online format. That’s doubly too bad, because it was a good paper and a mediocre Website. It’s not pleasant to navigate and read online.

8. IMDB. Sure, I can find my way around the Internet Movie Database easily enough, but I wishs It didn’t look like a time machine to 1996.

7. YouTube. Proof that a site can be a wild success and still looks like crap. If it wasn’t for the search engine, you’d never find anything on this site.

6. Flickr. Shouldn’t a site intended to support graphics have a slightly more pleasing look? Crappy layout, not enhanced by the hot pink and blue accents.

5. LiveJournal. LJ is trying to update the looks and layout of its interface, but it’s still looks cluttered, outdated, and confusing.

4. The Content Wrangler. Maybe they can’t afford to a professional Web designer, but since a lot of the members are in the biz, you’d think they could find someone to do it pro bono. The should certainly know better. It’s ugly and distracting.

3. Huffington Post. I love the contents, but this is one of the few left-leaning sites that is as ugly as most right-wing websites.

2. Yahoo Mail. OMFG, Yahoo Mail is ugly. It’s also horrendously spammy, full of hoaky ads and irritating animations, pop-ups, and all sorts of irritants. I stop by quickly to check my spam filter (which doesn’t catch even half of the deluge of spam I get) and flee; I can’t imagine voluntarily spending more than a few seconds there.

1. MySpace. I have never seen a MySpace site that is not hideous. What blind fool designed their interface and style options? Please put him/her out of MyMisery.

Also, even in “tasteful” site designs, I’m frickin’ tired of blue accents. Everyone is trying to brand in blue (except Technorati, going for greener than astroturf).

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