I spell it “hAT&Tred”

Dear AT&T/Yahoo Mail interface,

You’re a miserable failure. You’re so crappy, ugly, and inefficient, how can you even think that I’ll stay long enough on your site to click through your stupid, interfering ads? Do you actually think it’s good business? If you ran a store, would you jump from behind the counter screaming at the top of your lungs, run at every potential customer walking in, and slap their face with a promotional item? When they tried to browse your wares, would you let a bunch of other “yahoos” circle around them, get between the customers and the merchandise, scream, and push people around? And would decorate your store with the contents of the neighbourhood’s trash bins?

You’re an annoying, hateful maggot and I hate visiting your site. You also give pathetic service on your DSL accounts, which are only high-speed for the 20 minutes a day when they’re actually working — despite my paying extra for the highest level of service you supposedly offer. So as soon as I’m done dealing with other pressing issues this month, I’m firing your ass.



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