Game plans

Since I’m supposed to return to a more normal schedule after this weekend, I thought I’d make a wish list of games I’d like to play or run via Skype ove the next few months.

Games I’d like to run

  • Jaws of the Six Serpents: the book is out I have the PDF, my print copy should be in next week, and I’d like to give it a spin. Sword and sorcery isn’t a genre I’m big on, but I like what Tim does with the PDQ system.
  • Freedom City/Truth & Justice: I just re-read a few episodes of Astro City while I was sick on Saturday, and that put me in the right mood.
  • Freeport: Some pirate game set in Freeport, possibly using the brand-new Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies or on HeroQuest. Arr!
  • Roma Imperious: I have the True20-based version but I have yet to try it. I don’t know if the system can withstand a Skype approach, though.
  • Tibet: The original RPG’s system is awful, but the setting material is great. I’d probably go for HeroQuest as the engine.
  • Spirit of the Century: I’d really like to give this another spin.

Games I’d like to play

  • Low Life: Our good old Savage Worlds-based game. We still had a few episodes to go.
  • The Red Star: Based on the HeroQuest/Mythic Russia system. It was such a great game experience, I would love to play it again.
  • Blossoms are Falling: Yes, it’s Burning Wheel, but I think the setting and the system are a good match.

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