Big Bad Con highlights

Highlights of Big Bad Con for me: +Edmund Metheny‘s game of Meddling Kids on Friday night in the Games on Demand room, for three players who were new to role-playing; +Jeremy Tidwell‘s Companions game (a Doctor Who hack for Apocalypse World), also in GoD; a brief game of PDQ/Knights of the Realm I ran for GoD but didn’t have time to finish, alas; Joseph Harney’s “Rocket Nazis on the Orient Express,” a Savage Worlds game; my turn at running +Epidiah Ravachol‘s City of Fire and Coin (here’s a link to an actual play report on; and finally, a perfect convention closer, +Leonard Balsera‘s Jedi Fiasco.  Also, meeting lots of people I usually only see online or at conventions, and meeting fun new gamers.

Big Bad Con is now officially my favourite convention.  Lots of indie games, hacks, experiments, story games, playtests, and new or offbeat games.  People seem to come mentally prepared to try new things; rather than dip their toes cautiously in the water, they dive in.  I’d also swear — pending confirmation with some attendance numbers — that the gender ratio is more balanced than in most of the gaming conventions I’m familiar with.  All in all, I have not had a single unpleasant person at any of the six games I played or ran this weekend.